Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We are the official word on intelligent blogging!

Fear not, gentle citizens! The blogosphere once repleat with the bleatings of ignorance, propaganda, and lies is now under the protection of The Blogging Council.

We hold bloggers responsible for their actions.

We challenge their assertions that they are writing the truth or just "speaking their minds".

We condemn those who would mislead you, the yearning and inquisitive public, for their own gain.

Beware bloggers of ill motive and shoddy skill. You are being watched. And for the glory of all the blogosphere and the citizens therein, you shall be brought to the scouring light of truth by this Council.

(You, too, Althouse!)


Pogo said...

And I thought I was the decider of all things!

Mellow-Drama said...

Do I have to become a padawan blogger and then a blogger knight before I can advance to the council?

Barry said...

Admittance to The Council is decided by The Council. Is such a casual pop-culture reference really an expression worthy of The Blog, m-d? Doubtful.

pogo - We shall shatter all such illusions. It's for the best, isn't it?

- The Chief Councilor